Why Choose American Riviera Photography?


Over twenty years in the wedding photography business Rob brings an artful eye and a finesse with people that only experience can produce. His vision coupled with the presentation of his work with the best wedding books available in the industry makes him highly sought after by brides and grooms from coast to coast.


Rob has consistently delivered great wedding, engagement, family and event photos under any circumstance or weather condition over the history of his business. His studio maintains the imagery he creates with the latest technology and best cameras, computers and digital equipment in the industry.


Rob loves photographing people. Weddings and other life events especially are a microcosm of our own personal world with ceremony, ritual, and celebration that showcase our individual social landscape. Having traveled to over 50 counties, Rob is comfortable in any cultural, religious or ethnically diverse setting you may present. Rob is ignited by the challenge to create a great body of work from your wedding or event.


People that hire Rob trust his vision, skill and instinct. He often advises couples on almost every facet involved in the creation and planning of a great wedding day or event. He has seen so many varied and interesting scenarios that he can advise you on nearly any part of your wedding or event planning. His clients tend to be leaders not followers.


Rob is committed to pushing the photographic images and wedding books he produces to constantly higher levels. He knows that his clients expect a certain level of quality from him yet he continues to surprise and please his clients with his vision. Rob and his studio will treat your wedding as individually as you make it.


Rob has shared his knowledge and skill through teaching photography at the College and University level. He continues to educate himself through association with the top image makers in the industry. Having come from a film background initially he has gained a truly formal understanding of image making and composition that today's new photographers don't have.